September 10, 2010

Other People's Kids.......

I've been a Mom for 14 years. I've seen a lot, I've done a lot and I've had my share of mess ups. I'm not perfect, but I am experienced and I'm still learning. And I still don't like other people's kids. So when I see other Moms making mistakes I just shake my head and look the other way. But then there are times when I have to say something. Like when that parent is too busy chatting away with other Moms at the park and not watching her kid who is shoving my kid.

Today was one of those days that started off beautifully. Got up early, made coffee and breakfast, got out the door early and we were the first in line at the school. After Lex washed his hands we proceeded to his classroom door to wait for his teacher to let us in. As we were standing there Moms were walking past with their kids, some were laughing, some were not. But one little boy stood out from the rest. Mainly because he was pulling away from his Mom, yelling at her and he just look like an angry little boy. As they walked past us Lex looked at me and said..."Mom. That boy yelled at me, too." o_O I asked him what happened and he said that they were playing and the little boy got mad at him and yelled at him. The teacher was right there, addressed the issue and made the boy understand that there is no yelling in their school. Everyone must play nice. Wonderful. But think that made me feel better?! Hell no. I was trying very hard not to lose it. The teacher took care of it. Everything was fine. But the thought of someone yelling at my sweet boy just rips me apart. I smiled at him and told him he did the right thing by not yelling back and to let the teachers know if it happens again. Kisses, hugs, see you in a bit and off he went with a smile on his face. I, on the other hand, had to force myself to walk out the door. ((DEEP BREATH))

I decide to take Lo to the park for some playtime and fresh air. It always puts me in a better mood. We get to the park and there are 4 Moms all standing in a tight circle, chatting away, sipping on their D&D's coffee and not watching their kids. This is nothing new. I see it all the time, but this morning I was all wound up and ready to smack someone. So when Lo tries to go down the slide and a little girl stands in her way and won't let her, I kinda got a little pissed off. I gently asked the girl to move so Lo could slide down. She did. Then the girl and her twin sister proceeded to go down right after Lo and ended up kicking her because Lo wasn't all the way down the slide yet. -_- Again, the Moms weren't even watching. I take Lo for a walk to calm myself down, then we go back to the park. Lo wanted to go down the big slide, so off she went. As she got to the top one of the little girls stood right in front of her and started screaming in Lo's face, then shoved her. I lost it. I walk over to the Minivan gang and in a very stern voice said..."Excuse me, would the Mother of the twins please stop yapping and parent your kids please before I lose my patience?! Thank you!" The Mom look mortified. She ran over and took the girls aside and said something to them. Yes, it felt good.

We stayed for a while longer, played, walked and just had a nice time. There was one Mom there apart from the Minivan gang who came up to me and said..."So glad someone said something. Those girls are out of control. The Mom has no clue." Then she walked off. I feel like we live in a society that is afraid to stand up and say something about someone else's child. That is wrong. We need to say something, maybe then that parent will actually parent their child instead of letting him or her run amok! Today just reminded me that I still don't like other people's kids.

2 thoughts:

moon&star said...

I agree 100% and am amazed at how many children go unattended...
makes me want to scream!

Sylvia said...

Just read this post. I agree. I'm not a big fan of other people's kids except I do have a soft spot for some of my nieces and nephews which I found odd but quickly got over it.
It's kind of like having to clean your kids' poop or vomit. Not something I treasure but in my mind their p & v's don't smell as bad as somebody else's kids.
I'm sure tomorrow I'll regret even leaving that comment but right now it's what I was thinking so out it came. Good post. Thx for keeping it real.