June 19, 2009

Poor Lola :(

She is always so constipated. She seriously struggles to poop. It's hard to watch her in so much pain and trying so hard. I've done everything I can to help. Prunes, pears, apples, corn name it, I've given it to her. And she STILL has a hard time. -_- Poor kid. I'm hoping that now that we've started her on milk (half milk/ half formula) that that will help. I dunno! We'll SEE!! At least we're going to save SOME money. HAH!

2 thoughts:

• Mommy • said...

I have a solution!!! Both of my kids have ALWAYS had problems with constipation. Emma was in the hospital for it when she was only a couple of weeks old! Miralax. It works AMAZING!!! Seriously, give it a shot.

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Thanks!! I've noticed that since we've started her on Milk she's gotten a lot better. I'm hoping it regulates her. :)