June 3, 2009

Lex's Turn!!!

Now Lex has an ear ache. :( Poor kid has been cranky and violent all day. He takes his pain out on poor Lola. :( He asked me if he could lay on the couch with me because he didn't feel good. Then he said..."Mommy, I just want to feel better. Make my ear better,please?" My heart broke!!!!!!!! I ran to the kitchen and got some Tylenol and ear drops. He fell right to sleep!! BOTH the kids slept for 2 hours!! That was nice. Kevin got to lay down and I went out shopping and tanning. It felt so good!!!! Came home and Lex said he felt a little better and Daddy took him for a ride to get a few things for the yard. :) I'm hoping we won't need to take him in, that's it's just allergy related because he was outside all day yesterday. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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