June 10, 2009

Getting The Boy To Eat

I'll do anything to get him to eat!! I try to make his food more enjoyable by making faces out of things, adding yummy things to it and sneaking in the good stuff. When I make muffins or pancakes I always add flaxseed to the mix. I add vitamins to his juice and give him as much organic as we can afford. This morning I made chocolate chip pancakes. I always use Bisquick. I love that stuff! It may not be the healthiest, but it sure is good!! LOL!! I use the box, not the shake and pour. I half the recipe and it's just enough for me, Lex and Lola if she shares with me. I have to mush hers up though. :) Anyway. This morning I added lemon juice and baking powder to the mix, that makes it really fluffy. YUM!! Then I made a smiley face out of chocolate chips. He gobbled them up!! I just wish he'd eat more things. I try to make new things and put them on his plate and more times then not he'll at least try it. Can't ask for more! :)

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