June 24, 2009

Day #2 Of Early Intervention

Paula was right on time and we jumped right into it. Lola was already on the floor next to her "toy box" (her old baby tub LOL!) and playing quietly with her things. What was the first thing Miss. Lola did? She leaned to the right, braced herself with both her hands, grabbed Paula's pen and then sat back up. She JUST started doing that. Last week she would tumble over if she leaned to the left or right, but today she's doing exactly what she's supposed to. -_- She also got on all fours, Sat herself up and kept saying "NumNum" then proceeded to eat a full jar of food. Again....something she NEVER does. I can't get her to eat to save my life!!!!!! Anyway. Paula was very impressed with the huge progress she's made in just a weeks time. She also said that she is very smart, so no problems there, we just got to get her working on chunky foods, crawling, standing and walking. OH! And Lola also grabbed my arm and stood up next to me. Again.....-_- LOL!!!! I'm actually happy to be made a liar of if she keeps this up. She'll be right on track with everything come Christmas, if not sooner. YAY!!!!

Today went very, very well and I have a few things I need to work on with Lo. I have to get those baby toothbrushes that go on your finger to help her learn to tolerate different stimulations in her mouth. She has a very sensitive gag reflex. Poor kid. LOL!! So I'll get one of those, work on that and then I have to help her get onto all fours, help, not do it for her. When she's in that position I'll show her how to rock back and forth. That's about it. I just have to keep encouraging her to go after things. Keep things just far enough away that she HAS to get it herself. Let the torture begin!!!!!!! LOL!!!! Just kidding. :)

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