June 9, 2009

I ACTUALLY Changed My Layout!!

I thought it was time for a blog revamp. I love it!! :) I am just waiting for Gisele to have time to make me a custom layout. Then that one will be my KEEPER!! :)

I'm up early with the boy. He woke up at 6:30 asking for some water. He's so cute. He called out to me, I went in to his room and this is how the conversation went...

HIM:: Morning Mommy.
ME:: Morning sweetpea!! Everything ok?
HIM:: Yeah. I'm really thirsty. -insert fake cough here- Could you PAWEESE get me a glass of water? Paweese?
ME:: Are you ok, darlin'? Are you ill?
HIM:: -insert more fake coughing here- (LOL!!) I'm ok, just thirsty. I wanna drink it here, in my bed. (-_-)
ME:: Ok, I'll be right back.

He's silly, but cute, so I got him his water and he drank it in his bed. :) That's what being a Mom is all in a little even when you know it may make a mess. LOL!!!!!

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