June 15, 2009

Early Intervention

They were very early, they came today instead of tomorrow. LOL!! That's fine. I was in my lacy black tank top and pj's. Oops! The lady, Karen, was super nice and didn't even care!!! LOL!! I was a horrible hostess, forgot to ask if she wanted anything to eat or drink. I'll make up for it tomorrow by baking my ass off tonight. :D

Lola was a total flirt the entire time. Karen was astonished at how much she can do for her age, gross motor skills excluded. LOL!! She was playing peek-a-boo with her, humming along to a song and if Karen banged on the table twice, so would Lola. :D She said there is definitely nothing wrong with her except her gross motor skills. She's bright, attentive and very smart for her age. HEHEHEHEHE!!! Yes, I know. Thank you very much! LOL!!!

So tonight I'm going to make a few different things. Maybe a blueberry pie, brownies and a fruit salad. I feel horrible about not offering her anything. My Grandmother probably rolled over in her grave!!! :/ I promise to make up for it!! I will be showered and dressed, the kids bathed and dressed as well. HAH!

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