June 11, 2009

I'm An Idiot

I don't know why I let them give Lola THREE shots yesterday. I wasn't thinking. I forgot how hard they were on Lex. I should have remembered. She's ok. Just miserable. She STILL has a very bad ear infection in her right ear as well, which means she's in pain from that and the shots. ((sigh)) She'll be fine. I'm just hoping the Augmentin kicks this ear infection!

After our very busy day yesterday we took the kids to Chuck-E-CHeese. It was great. Hardly anyone there. YAY!! Lex really, really wanted to go and when we pulled into the parking lot he started freaking out! He said....."YES! SCORE!!! There it is!!!!!! THERE'S CHUCKECHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!" I haven't seen him that excited in a very long time. LOL!! He had a blast. I got sick from the salad bar. Shocker. LOL!!!!!!

1 thoughts:

Sweet Dakota Sky said...

Who knew a giant mouse would make kids so happy?! Dakota loves it too and it is pretty cheap! I like their pizza haha