August 4, 2009

Day #7 Of Early Intervention

Today was GREAT!!! Lola, of course, started doing things I've NEVER seen her do. She got on her knees, fed herself tiny pieces of crackers, got on all fours, pulled herself up using my necklace and did it the "right" way. LOL!! They think her eating will improve just as quickly as the rest of her. I have to start weaning her off of the baby food and feed her more "real" food. She ate a whole muffin top yesterday all by herself. She made a HUGE mess but she ate more than she got on her, which is great!!!! LOL!!! So the OT will be coming back again in 2 weeks after leaving me with some instructions on how to get her to eat more and try different things, but she said that Lola seems to be getting right to where she needs to be. :D Fantastic!!! Very exciting news. And Lola was WONDERFUL the ENTIRE time. It was great. So all in all a very good session. :D

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