August 6, 2009

Another Boston Appointment

We will be going to Boston a lot for her Hemangioma appointments! Today was at the Laser Treatment Center. We were late, of course, but they still saw us because "Lola is just too cute"! I swear....we were 30 minutes late, but they took us anyway. Apparently I have to leave 2 hours early just to get there thanks to idiot drivers and talkative toll collectors. -_- Anyway. It went well. They will submit the paper work to our insurance company and we're hoping they will approve the laser treatment!! Since it bleeds a lot, I'm sure they will. I hope!!!!! So please, keep your fingers crossed!!!!!

2 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well!!! :)

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Thanks! So do I. I'll call Thursday to see what they say.