August 11, 2009

Day #8 Of Early Intervention

Today went very well!!! Lola showed off some of her new moves.....pulling up, getting on all fours and reaching and mimicking words Paula would say to her. She said "car", "no" & "yay"!! Woot Woot!!!!!!!!! She actually pulled up on th couch to get some toys down and Paula was very impressed and thinks she'll graduate early. :D Now, if only Lex would behave during the sessions. -_- He was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I almost lost my temper a few times. He hates it when Lola gets attention and he doesn't, so he acts out. -_- I'm thinking we may move the appointments to Wednesday afternoons so Lex can be gone. :) He was just so bad today, I can't do another day like that. ((sigh)) Boys. LOL!!

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