August 17, 2009

Getting Better....

Lex is getting much better with Lola He still has his moments, but for the most part he's sharing better, more caring and very protective of her. It's cute and sometimes a little scary. There was a bug on the floor near her and Lex dragged her away to save her" from the bug. LOL!!!!!! She was not happy, but he felt like a Hero. :D He does things like that trying to help only to really piss her off. LOL!! At least he's trying!!!! Right? She already looks at him like he's the best thing ever.........until he takes a toy or pushes her over. We went to CoCo Key yesterday and a little boy splashed her in the face. Lex came over and was trying to wipe the water off. So cute!!!!!!!! So yeah....he's getting MUCH better!!!!! WHEW!

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