August 18, 2009

Big Things Happening!!

WELL!! This morning Miss. Lola had the BIGGEST poop EVER.....and it wasn't hard!!!!!! YAY!! That probably has something to do with the fact that she is eating more and more table foods!! MORE YAY!!!!!! Last night she ate 5 red kidney beans, rice pilaf and chicken. Now, to some people that seems normal.....not for Lola. She just started eating on her own. It's amazing. I never thought we'd be rid of formula/milk bottles. Yesterday she only had 2!!! O_O I am THRILLED!!!! This morning she ate breakfast in her highchair and fed herself. My baby is FINALLY starting to grow up!!!!!

2 thoughts:

Amber said...

Yay for Lola and yay for you! That makes it soooo much easier!

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

You ain't kiddin'!!! I am SUPER happy!!!