April 27, 2010

Back To Business!!

I'm back! Everyone in my home survived that awful stomach flu. Blah! Everyone is happy and healthy again. Well, everyone except Lola. She has decided to turn 2 early. -_- 2 with a dash of 3. For example, today I was scrubbing my kitchen and she came to the gate whining. I asked her what she wanted and she went on to grunt and scream, but gave my no real answer, so I told her in a very firm voice to go sit down or go play, Mommy was busy. If she didn't sit down in front of the gate and start kicking it as hard as she could and going "AHH! AHH!!!" O_O Then she went off and played. Obviously I did something wrong, but I don't know what. She's coming into her own little person and showing us just who's boss......and it's not us. :D

Besides the sickness, Lola's tantrums and my lack of sleep and time, things have been well. We spent all of last week in the house or in the yard when the wether permitted. Just trying to keep the kids isolated from everyone else but busy and happy at the same time.  Kevin and I did end up going to the movies on Friday night to see Kick Ass. Awesome. Movie. Just AWESOME!! I loved it. Of course, we went straight home afterwards because we had to, because you know, someone might wake up pukig on us. Did I mention I was home with the kids by myself all week and I was sick? I had to call my Mom in on Friday so she could take care of Lex while I cared for Lola. My biggest fear was giving it back to Lex. So my Mom was there till Saturday morning at which time I promptly  took her back home because, well, she really isn't much of a help at all. I end up cleaning up after her and the kids. All set. Everyone was better by Sunday so we went out to eat. The next morning Raven woke me up saying she was sick. Back to bed she went! She couldn't have got it while she was on Spring vacation, could she?! -_- Geesh!

Needless to say with all that has been going on I've been slacking in the Operation Get Sexy department. I drank wine last week, a lot. Hey, don't judge!! I was stressed!!!!! :D But this week it's back to business!! Today I made my own lunch/dinner to bring to work with me. No pictures, sorry. I'll take some of it later in the week when I have it again for dinner. It's sooooo yummy! What am I having?! I'm having a Greek salad with grilled chicken.  Mmmmm!!! I can't get enough of green peppers lately. I love them! Yes, I eat them raw. Raw veggies are so good for you. If you're looking to eat healthier or to lose weight there are a few things to remember......portion sizes, watch your fat and sugar intake, no sodas, eat organic if you can, lots of fruits and veggies and remember to drink water. Water is good!!! There are so many so called "perfect diets" out there, but if you take a look at your daily routine and tweak it a bit, add some exercise to it and watch what you eat, you'll feel and look better in no time! NOW! This is what I put in my Greek salad.......

A few Romaine leaves cut into little pieces so I can shove more in my mouth
2 tomatoes—cut into wedges (I like the sweet Grape or Cherry Tomatoes)

¼ red onion—sliced into rings

½ cucumber—sliced into thick half-moons

1 green pepper (capsicum)—julienned

A handful of feta cheese (I like the crumbled kind)

16 kalamata olives cut into pieces

1 plain thin chicken breast filet grilled then cut into strips (I just use a drop of olive oil in the pan)

I don't use dressing, just a little bit of salt and pepper. Not much though. I could eat that all day long. And that is exactly what I'm about to do. I'll be back with something more creative/funny/photo'ish soon. Promise!!

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