April 29, 2010

The Answer To Yesterday's Post

Yesterday I asked what was wrong with those pictures I posted in the previous post, and well, here are the answers.

The first pictures is of Lola and my husband. Despite Mooooog's guess that Kevin's pants are what's wrong with that picture (they are pretty funny. They're Scooby Doo pj pants. heheheheeeeee) that isn't the real problem. The real problems are A) Lola is trying to go cross eyed. B) She's wearing nothing but a diaper. No pj's despite the fact that it was bedtime. C) She's not in bed and it was way past her bedtime. We love her lots and allow her to get away with it every now and then. :D

The second picture, what's wrong with it? THAT'S NOT A BIRD AT THE BIRD FEEDER!! We have a lot of squirrels and they usually sit on the ground at the bird feeder and eat what falls out, but this guy (or girl) climbs up there every day and takes some of the food. Luckily, I love animals and allow this to go on, or we'd be havin' squirrel for dinner. I'm from the boonies of Kentucky, I can cook up some rodents if need be. ;)

The third picture is a picture I took yesterday, it's the end of April and no where near Christmas. Lex is on a wrapping kick and has been wrapping everything he can get his hands on. I blame Kevin for letting him do whatever it is he wants to do. Creativity is nice and all, and we really weren't going to use that paper, but still. He's just so cute, so I let him do it. It would be nice if he didn't put them on the stairs, where I almost killed myself!!! But he's cute, so i let it slide. o_O

The fourth picture is a picture of my Lola. You might be asking yourself "What's wrong with this picture? I don't see anything wrong with it!" And you're right!!!!! There's nothing wrong with the cuteness you see. Well, except the fact that Lola doesn't wear glasses, Lex does, but there she is, wearing glasses. :) And she looks mighty cute, too, if I may say so myself. :D

The fifth pictures is by far the craziest. Our son has the best laugh ever, and it's an insane kinda laughter. Seriously, people stop and laugh with him (or at him, I dunno) and say "He has the best laugh!" And they're right, he does. But his laughter isn't what's wrong with this picture. His darling cross eyed look is what's wrong. He goes cross eyed when he doesn't wear his glasses, which is the second thing that's wrong with that picture. Where were his glasses?! Who knows. Someone should be paying attention, but Kevin was the one making him laugh and I was, well, taking the pictures!! :)

Picture #6 always makes me smile. I don't know if it's Lola's expression, or the fact that she's naked or the fact that she's stuffed into her doll's stroller, but I love this picture. :) And yes, everything I just wrote is what's wrong with this picture. Well, except her expression, which is pretty darn cute. Lo will be 2 in June and is starting to do 2 year old things. Sitting in her doll stroller and grunting at me to push her around is just one of them. :)

I love taking pictures of the silly things my kids do and they do a lot of silly things. A lot. I just wish my teenager would let me take her picture. But she's too cool to pose for her old Mom. -_- I'll get her though, when she least expects it. HAHAHA!

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