April 5, 2010

PMS, Preschool & Poopy Diapers

That is my life right now. My teenager acts like she is in a constant state of PMS and it's driving me crazy. Moody, mean and just plain horrible to be around at times. But then she expects everyone to do what she wants them to do. How is that fair? Don't even get me started on the boys. She's not aloud to have boyfriends, but that doesn't stop her from doing it behind my back. -_- Hey, I did it, too. There are worse things she could be doing behind my back, right? Anyway. She came to me and said...."Mom, there's this boy that I really, really like and he really, really, likes me, too. And he like, wants to go out with me, like officially. He said he even wants to meet you and Daddy" Ugh. I hate this. There is nothing worse than a teenage girl dating. Oh wait, there's always teenage girls driving. Now that's scary! I can't even think of that right now. So I talked to Kevin and he thinks the same thing I do.....she's gonna do it anyway, might as well know about it. Agreed. One of us is taking her and her new boyfriend to the movies next weekend. Yuck. I told her that he attitude had better improve with this news or she'll be babysitting while Kevin and I go out to the movies! Let's see if that happens.

I caved. I caved and am letting Lex go to preschool. Why did I change my mind? Because he really wants to go to school. That is all he talks about, school, school. Maybe it's because Raven goes to school and he wants to be like her, or maybe he just wants to get out of the house like Raven. HAH! So whatever. It's gonna cost us $150 a month! We went and looked at one that's about a 5 minute drive from our house and he really liked it. We liked it, too. The teachers were super nice, the place was very clean, they work with the kids to prepare them for Kindergarten  and not just "babysit" them for 2 1/2 hours a day, 3 days a week. He would be going Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9-11:30 a.m., with the option to go longer till 1. We're still talking about it. To be honest, I don't think Kevin is ready to let go just yet. I really don't. But then again, he's not the one who has to teach him here at home, I am. I think this will be good for him. :)

Lola, oh Lola. Miss. Lola still is not walking. ((sigh)) At this point I am at a loss. I don't know what to do anymore. She hates Early Intervention, she hates it when we try and make her walk and she just hates walking period. Almost all her jeans have holes in them now from her crawling around outside. -_- She's getting to the point where she doesn't like her hands to be dirty, which then means she cries a lot when we're outside. It's starting to not be enjoyable for me anymore. I still do it so Lex can be outside, but she doesn't last very long. It's unfair to him. Even going to the park is hard work. I have to carry her around, and if I put her down she cries and won't crawl. She loves to slide and she's good at going up the stairs, which is great because the park we go to has a toddler area. That gives my poor arms a break for about a minute, then she dives head first down the slide. o_O I ache. We just got back from the park and I'm dead tired now. Ugh.  She has so much fun though, so I do it. :) She's been really cranky lately, too. She's constipated again, that may be why. -_- We're on day #3 or Miralax and now the wait begins......lots of poopy diapers comin'!! HAH!

So that's my busy, hectic, fun life at the moment. I'm happy to say that I've started my gardening early this year. YAY!! I can't wait to add more flowers ever where. It's going to look amazing out there. Being in the Sun has helped my mood so much. I wasn't doing too good last week. I skipped a lot of exercises and drank wine during the week. BOOOO!!! I feel bloated and floppy. I'm back though! I did my morning exercises, ate right and now I'm going to go do more exercises. Might as well while I have to time. It's not often that the house is quiet, so I like to take advantage of it. :) I'll leave you with a picture from yesterday....

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Carlie said...

Wow. Lots goin' on at your house! Crazy! What a mix. Hope your flowers are just as lovely as you're dreaming...I'm diving into my gardening time to wait until later spring. I gotta get this done NOW, before this baby comes!