April 24, 2010


Things here have been chaotic. Lex was sick, then Lola was sick, then Kevin and I were sick and then Lola was really sick again. I've been caring for sick kids for over a week now and I can say that the stomach flu and I want to kill each other. My stomach hurts. Bad. That is part of being a suck it up and move on. And that is exactly what I've been doing. It's tough, not sleeping, then having to get up with my 4 year old, having to clean, all the while pretending I'm not sick, then waiting on the baby to wake up so I can care for her. I went in to get her as soon as she started stirring and she had puked all over herself while she was sleeping, of course. -_- Wonderful. More laundry, more disinfecting, more cleaning.......a Mother's work is never done. I'm not complaining. No, wait, yes I am....I'm complaining about my kids having to deal with the stomach virus. I hate seeing them sick, puking, helpless and I can do nothing for them. I hate that my baby whines constantly because her stomach is cramping up. I hate that my 4 year old is scared to eat and looks like he weighs 10 pounds less than he did a week ago. This sucks. But what are ya gonna do? Besides care for them, clean up after them, rock them, whisper that it's going to be ok despite the fact that they are puking their brains out.......that is all I can do, and I do it with a smile on my face in hopes that  it makes them feel a little better. :) I love my babies and I'd do anything for them. Yes, even scrub my house 2-3 times daily for over a week straight. Now that's love. Oh, and if you were wondering where my teenager is this whole time....well, she booked it outta here the first sign of puke. Luckily it's Spring vacation here, so she's had plenty of places to go. :D She's home now and I'm hoping she stays healthy!! For the time being I'll leave you with a reminder that things will get better.


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