April 16, 2010

Day #17 Of Early Intervention

It's working!! Finally! Well, I think that Lola is finally willing to at least try and walk. Patty came over and brought the "round and round" (that's what the kids call it) with her to see if Lola would like to try it out. The object of this thing is to make her dizzy so her brain is tricked into helping her balance. Or something like that. The inner ear helps with keeping you upright, if she is moved around, spun around till she's dizzy, he turns on, which in turn makes her more stable, believe it or not. After using it just a few times she was able to stand up on her own and she stood there for about 30+ seconds, then took a few steps. Patty was very impressed and thought it would be a good idea to leave it here with us for the next 2 weeks. I've been working with her everyday since and I've noticed that she is way more confident, she's not as wobbly and she's standing on her own a lot. :D The other night while Kevin and I were watching t.v., I was on the floor with her, she stood up next to me, looked at me and said...."Momma, I walkawalkawalk ah Daddy" and took off to Kevin. She took 6 steps on her own!! I was so impressed. She just did it! Patty had the wonderful idea of "just ignore her and let her guide you" and it is working. I haven't talked about walking to her, I haven't even tried to make her stand up on her own and she is now trying it on her own. She's a willful little thing! Stubborn and willful, that's our Lo. :) I had to refrain from calling Patty and telling her because I thought if I did I'd jinx it, so I'll wait till our next session to tell her. Maybe by then I'll have more to tell! :) Anyway. I'll leave you with a few pictures of Miss. Lola and her "round and round".

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