April 6, 2010

Spring Is Finally Here

I couldn't be happier that Winter is over. Last year the Seasons were so messed up, it felt like we didn't have a Spring or Summer. It felt like we were in a perpetual crappy Spring. I'm hopeful that this year will be different. :) So far, so good. Everyday has been sunny and pleasantly warm. The kids are loving being outside. I find that I spend more time outside than inside, which I love. My garden is looking lovely!!! Last year hardly anything came up, let alone bloomed. -_- I was not happy about that. Money wasted! I buy seeds and bulbs every year just to keep adding to what is already there because I would like my gardens to be overflowing with flowers and plants. I like that. :) I also think some of my bulbs have shifted. All my daffodils seemed to have spread out. :| Our house is on a hill, so I'm assuming that when it rains the ground shifts and hence, the shifting. I'm no gardener, but that sounds pretty accurate to me.

Kevin and I have been talking about buying a bigger house. We've outgrown this one. Already! It's only been 3 years. o_O I hate moving, but he's right, we need more room. I was an Army Brat and moved every 2-4 years of my life since age 3. When I was 13 I vowed to settle down and stop moving when I grew up. And I've done just that. Sure, I've lived in apartments here and there, but for the most part I've lived in the same 2 places in the past 15 in Massachusetts or Kentucky. Now that I have a family of my own I want top give them something stabile. I'd love to stay here forever, but like I said, we've outgrown this house. It won't be anytime soon, maybe in a few years, but we definitely need to start planning. :) We've already talked about what we do and don't want. What we want.......

  • 4+ bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Large kitchen with plenty of updates
  • Private yard, if the kids are older a pool would be fine, but not if they're still young, that makes me nervous. Plenty of space for gardening, I'd prefer there already be lots of stuff planted so I can move in and just start caring for them. 
  • We would like a large shed or barn
  • Finished basement
  • Laundry room upstairs
  • Big deck
  • A farmer's porch
  • Plenty of windows
  • Lots of closets
  • I'd like a walk-in pantry but I can do without
  • It has to be move-in condition
  • And we would like to live somewhere near a town, but kinda secluded 
That's not much to ask, is it? :) No, I'm not picky at all. You know what would sell me? If it had a cherry blossom tree on the property. ((sigh)) That would be soooooo nice. I love them. I was actually thinking of planting one here, but I'm afraid we'll move and I'd hate to leave it? That sounds silly, doesn't it? I get attached to my plants/flowers/trees. :) 

Anyway. This is all in the future, but when it comes to buying your forever home you have got to get it right. And to get it right you have got to plan, plan, plan!!! So we're planning. Until then, I'll leave you with some gorgeous outdoor playtime pictures....

p.s.~ Do you like my layout? I love it!

4 thoughts:

Moooooog35 said...

Remember...with a bigger house..comes great responsibility.

Wait..I'm thinking of Spiderman.

Nevermind..still applies.


Carlie said...

Love your new layout, yes. And, its not at all even sort of crazy to not want to plant trees you'll leave. I keep telling A we have to buy land with fruit trees because I'm terribly afraid that if we just plant our own they'll just be bearing when we move again and someone else will inherit them. I might die of a broken heart. Not that others can't enjoy my plants too but, I insist on getting some of the good out of them myself if I'm going to all the trouble. Love your wish for farmer's porch. Made me smile.

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Moooog......HAH! With anything bigger comes great responsibility. ;)

Carlie, I would miss my tree. I would be jealous that someone else was enjoying it. -_- And I love my farmer's porch we have here and can't live without one. :) It reminds me of my grandparents old house. :D

MommyNaniBooboo said...

PS- I DO like your layout! How did you know?
Here's to the perfect place at the right time...