September 24, 2008

About Lolita

I thought I'd take the time to write about Lola. Her likes and dislikes.....that kind of stuff. Here ya go.....

Lola is a very sweet, happy baby. All I have to do is look at her and she smiles....every time! She doesn't mind dirty diapers, she is very patient, except for when she's hungry, and all she really wants is to be around us. Lola loves to watch everything that is going on around her. If Lex is dancing or just being silly, Lola just watches and smiles. She doesn't like to be in one position or area for more than 20-30 minutes, so we have to mix things up for her. I can move her from her bouncy to the floor mat and she is just as happy as can be. :) When I bend over to pick her up she gets so excited and those chubby legs just kick and kick and the smile is from ear to ear. There's nothing better than Mommy coming to pick her up.♥ Lola looks exactly like Kevin's Mother. Exactly! The same blue eyes, chubby cheeks, auburn hair and dainty feet. She also has her calm demeanor. Lola hardly ever cries. When I'm nursing her and can't get up I have to yell for Kevin or Raven to come do something or get me something, I almost always scare her. She hates it when I yell like that!! So I try to be as quiet as possible when I'm holding her. Sleep. The child loves to sleep!!! THANK GOD!! She sleeps from 8-4 or 5 sometimes later. It's such a blessing!!!!! During the day she just naps when ever and where ever. Her favorite game is the scare game. I'll act like I'm not looking at her then I'll suddenly look at her and say...."BOO!", she jumps every time then she gets so excited and just giggles. It's loads of fun. Lola is a scooter. Tummy time is when she tries the hardest. She just scoots her chubby self as far as she can till exhaustion takes over. LOL!!!! Lying on her back is much easier, so I have to keep 4 eyes on her at all times when I'm changing her on the changing table or when she's on the floor. Traveling with Lola is so easy. I don't mind taking her anywhere!! She loves to be outside or just out and about with the family. Our baby daughter is amazing. I could literally go on and on all day about how great she is, but it's feeding time. I'll write more another day. :)
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