September 17, 2008

It Happened!

I have been closely observing Lex to see the exact moment when he goes from toddler words and phrases to big boy words and phrases. It happened yesterday. I asked him where his sippy was and he said..."It fell on the floor. It's behind my bed." O_O Excuse me? He just smiled, I giggled and went off to retrieve his long lost sippy that was, in fact, behind his bed. And again today....more real conversations with my son which totally blew my mind. I told Kevin about it and he's a little bummed that he hasn't seen this magical transformation. I told him that it's because he still treats Lex like a baby and not like the little boy he's become. Lex likes to help out, he likes to be involved, he likes to do "big boy things". For example.....he had his very first dentist appointment. I wasn't able to go, I stayed home and slept with Lola. Kevin told me that when they called his name that he followed the girl to the room, hopped in the chair and let them do whatever they wanted!! Again.....O_O!!! He did great! All the girls in the office loved him, his dentist said he was probably the very first 2 year old that came in and didn't cry. Wonderful! It's nice to see that we're doing something right. Now....if only I can get him to see that Lola is NOT a doll, she's real and can get hurt. I think he's going to do just fine with her in a few months. :)

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