September 2, 2008

I Love My Little Lola!

She is just about the best baby ever. And yes, that's including the 2 we already have. I have never seen a baby who was just happy to be around and involved. We went to King Richard's Faire yesterday and she was so good. She didn't cry once. NOT ONCE! She just looked around, smiled and enjoyed being near us. It was so wonderful. I remember not wanting to take Lex out to many places because he hated being out. Raven was the same way, she liked to be home. Not Lola....she LOVES to be out. She even skipped a feeding because she was so busy looking around or napping. Then, when we got home she ate and fell right to sleep. I put her in her crib at 8:30 and she slept till 6 this morning. O_O I. Love. Her! Seriously.....I sometimes have to control myself because I want to squeeze her. :) I can see her personality shining through now. The way she looks at Lex is just so adorable. She looks at him like he's just the best thing ever, and he is but that's besides the point. LOL! She'll let anyone hold her, talk to her, touch her and she just smiles at them. Someone told me yesterday that when they look at her, she pulls them in and they couldn't help but love her and they don't even know her! Amazing. :) She has a magnetic personality. Just like me!!!!!! HAHAHAA!!

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