September 29, 2008

Lola Is Accident Prone

She really is just like me. I have had to "rescue" her on several occasion where she has either gotten her woobie (receiving blanket) wrapped around her whole head, yes, her whole head, the pacifier stuck to her eye or her foot stuck on her bouncy seat. It's ridiculous!! My poor baby. 4 o'clock this morning I heard he whining in her crib so of course I'm thinking it's feeding time and go down to get her only to find her with her arms straight out, the woobie wrapped around her head, again!, and she's gasping and whining. As soon as I unwrapped the woobie from her head she smiled up at me and those little legs started just kicking in excitement. So yes, she was just fine! Silly girl. I'm the same way. Murphy's Law. I feel bad for her.

Speaking of the Princess......she is still sleeping!! O_O I love that baby!!!!

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