May 5, 2009

Baby Update!

Lola! My baby will be 1 next month. Can you believe that?! Where has the time gone? I mean, I know that when I blink my children grow up, but I keep forgetting and I blink anyways. ((sigh)) That's ok. So here is what's going on with the Princess. Her Hemangioma is getting smaller. It's what they call a Compound Hemangioma, a tumor of blood cells underneath the skin and one smaller one on the surface. Her pedi told me that once the one under the surface started going away that it may be very fast and one day just *POOF*, be gone, then the surface one would slowly go away as well. It would take a little longer, but it would most likely go away on it's own. And it is. The bigger one under the skin is now gone. It's just GONE! I was holding her one day and put my hand on her face and realized it was no longer hot and it was soft!! YAY!!!!!! Imagine my relief!! Of course, I knew this would happen as soon as I signed her up for the Vascular Birthmark Clinic in Boston next month. You know kids just LOVE making liars out of their parents!! LOL!! So that's the good news. Now the not so good news.....

She is now into her 3rd round of antibiotics for double ear infections. This is 3rd infection she's had. She's going to be that baby. You know, the ear infection baby. o_O Again, high fever, vomitting and not sleeping. I'm beat! Now she's back to not eating solids. -_- I'm going to give Early Intervention a call tomorrow and see what they say. I know her pedi will gladly give us a referral even though she isn't at all concerned just yet. She's going ot be 1 next month and she won't even touch normal food. What about the cake?! She probably won't eat it. I have a feeling she'll be on formula till she's 18 months and I am NOT happy about that. -_- Maybe I'll get some answers soon. Hopefully I'm just being a little paranoid and they say..."Oh she's fine!! She's just a BIG baby and will catch up soon!" We'll see!!!!!!!!!!!

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