May 12, 2009

It's Tuesday

Which means I'm at work and have time for an update. Nothing has changed, the kids are great, the husband is fine and I'm doing well. Mother's Day was a very relaxed day. Kevin bought me 2 HUGE hanging pots for the porch filled with the most beautiful Lobelias I've ever seen. Vibrant and lush.....just gorgeous. And of course the new Sookie Stackhouse book. YAY!! Of course I got cards from all the kids and a handmade one from Miss. Raven. It almost made me cry!! She can be so sweet when she wants to be. LOL!! Kevin got me a card with music and Lex thought it was his. :) He did run around all day saying HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! to me. Very sweet. All in all a very quiet, relaxed day. My sister came over for a while, then she took my Mom home. That was nice, I didn't have to drive all the way to her new place. YAY!! That's all really. Very boring update, mainly because I'm at work and can't think straight. I really can't wait to get my computer back!! FRIDAY!!!!

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