May 15, 2009


I have my computer back, so I'll be updating more and more and more. :) It was such a pain to try to type on the iPod cause it's not that big and my fingers kept pushing the wrong buttons. ((sigh)) It's all over now and my Precious is home, safe and sound. LOL!!

Kevin took Lex to Brimfield Fair. It's a HUGE outdoor flea market that goes on for a whole week. He's out buying stuff for the house and yard. When he gets home I have to go grocery shopping. I should have gone with him, but I'm tired and just not in the mood to walk around pushing a stroller. :/

Lola is on the "pizza pillow", that's what Lex calls our papasan cushion. :) She sitting there watching Baby Galileo and "reading" one of her books. She LOVES books!!!! LOVES THEM! If I'm reading one she'll take it and study it. Very cute. :) Anyway. I'm off to shower and relax while the boys are out. :)

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