May 26, 2009

Sick Kids!

Raven is sick Lola is sick and Lex is just getting over being sick. ((sigh)) I was up ALL NIGHT with the girls If Lola wasn't harkin' up a lung, Raven was pukin' up her guts. Not fun for anyone involved. I broke down and gave Lola something. I HAD to!! The kid could not stop coughing and it was phlegmy, too, so she gagged and threw up with each cough. I gave her a tiny drop of something, not going to say what cause I don't want any Mommies out there following my lead. Know what happened? Nothing happened, that's what! She did fall fast asleep and no coughing from 4 a.m. on. I gave her the meds at 3:30 after being up since 11 holding her and listening to her struggle. I will NOT let my kids suffer!! I never give her anything unless it's Tylenol or homeopathic, but there are times when you just HAVE to help them. SHe seems to be ok this morning. Coughing, but ok.

Raven was puking for almost an hour straight. I was running back and forth between the 2. You should have seen me!! I would wash up, antibacterial my entire upper body and then go into Lo's room. HILARIOUS!! I'm thinking that she may have an ear infection. She was saying the room was spinning and the throwing up IS a symptom of an ear infection. We'll see! I'm taking them both in today. :)

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Amber said...

Thanks for commenting on my new blog! It's so nice to hear from you. Your kids are getting so big. Your Lex stories crack me up! I hope the girls are feeling better.