May 15, 2009

Boys And Their Privacies

Lex loves his "privacy". That's what we call his penis. He likes to share all sorts of details about it with me. Like..."Mommy, LOOK! It's growing again!!". -_- Or, this is my favorite, "Mommy.......I have a BIG privacy!! It's much bigger than Lola's!!" -_- LOL!! He just has no idea that Lola is NOT a boy. Some days he totally gets it, like when he says "she can only play with PINK!!" He watches me get dressed and knows that I'm a girl, but I think he doesn't really care what Lola is? You know? He helps me change her diaper and always says...."Aww! Cute bunnbunns. She has a cute bunnbunns". LOL!! He also likes to stick his privacy into things while in the tub, like cups and the frogs mouth. I think he's peeing in them. -GAG- But seriously......he loves it. I'm just hoping that he won't whip it out while we're outside playing with the girls. LOL!!!!!! I know Nancy would just love that!! LOL!! She would probably faint. HAH! I keep telling lex...."You shouldn't tell just anybody things about your privacy. Just me, Daddy and SisSis. Ok, maybe not SisSis, just me and Daddy. And please don't take it out when you're outside. Please?!" I think he gets it. I hope......O_O BOYS!!!

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Amber said...

That is one of the funniest things I've heard! Your little boy is so funny!