January 11, 2010

Day #14 Of Early Intervention

Lola was being very difficult today. All she wanted to do was drive around in her "car". The second we tried to make her do some walking on her own she threw a fit!! She almost headbutted poor Paula several times. Luckily Paula is used to it and has lighting fast reflexes. LOL! She was able to show me a few things to help Lola to stand more on her own without realizing that she's doing it. Her biggest problem right now is confidence. She can walk around in that walker all day, lift it up to walk over things, but the minute I try to let go of her so she can walk towards Daddy she loses all confidence and drops. That's what we need to work on. Oh, and her "car" needs to go. :( Paula said she's way too good for it and is using it as a crutch. She literally runs around the house with that thing. Paula looked at me and said..."Oh yeah, she's ready." LOL! So that will be gone next week. I think she'll ask for it and be upset when she can't find it. :( It's for the best though!!

We are now on a every 2 week schedule. Paula will be back in 2 weeks. Then we'll be transitioning Lola to a new lady who will be taking over Lola's case because Paula is leaving the first week of February. BOOOO!!!! We like Paula. Well, sometimes. HAH!

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Carlie said...

Yay! Improvement is a good thing! Hope she continues to grow and strengthen! Huzzah for therapy!