January 7, 2010

My Son.....

Is going cross eyed. :) Yes, it's true!! Of all the things he could have inherited from his Father, he just had to get his poor eyesight and eye problems. I have perfect vision, but I had a speech problem till I was about 8. That was the last time they clipped my tongue. He talks just fine, but his eyes are getting worse. He has an appointment with the Opthamologist this month and I'm hoping they can correct it easily. All I gotta say is this.....thank GAWD he's so darn cute!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

See his left eye? His right eye does it more than the right. When he put on his Dad's glasses he said..."I can see you now, Daddy!!" SO Kevin and I are thinking that he's crossing them to try and see better. Hopefully it's just that, that's an easy fix....GLASSES!!! OMG! Can you just see him with cute little glasses?!?!?!? It kills me!! Hopefully we'll know soon enough!

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Carlie said...

Aw! Hope the eye thing gets figured out soon. We sure know about eye doctors at our house!