January 5, 2010

Lola Is "Sight Reading"

It's the cutest thing to watch Lola crawl over to the DVDs and sit there and look at each and every one until she finds the one she wants. Then she brings it to me or Kevin and points to it and babbles. It kills me!!! Lately she's been stuck on Baby Monet. I let the kids pick out one DVD each to watch and that one plays more than once every time. She looks at me and smiles when it's over, so how can I say no to that?!?! Luckily Lex likes it still, so he doesn't complain.....much. LOL! He almost always picks out a SpongeBob video. I can't complain, I love SpongeBob!! Lola likes him, too. If I say..."Lola, go get SpongeBob for Lex!", she'll go get him. She's really, really smart. She's not only picking out what she wants to watch, she's picking out her own books, or if I tell her to  go get the cow book, she'll get it. The other day she walked (I say walk because she's using her new "car"/walker EI gave her to use) up to the kitchen gate and pointed to the cabinet with the cookies in it and said "Cookie!! PEEESSSS!!!". Yes, I gave her a cookie!! Sometimes I forget that she's a year and a half because she doesn't walk on her own yet. Her mind is a little ahead of her body. Ok, way ahead of her body!! :) And she's just so damn cute!!!


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