January 29, 2010

That Was Tough!!

Yesterday was Lola's 4th laser treatment appointment. (More about her Compound Hemangioma Here!) It was snowing and I had to drive into Boston, luckily the roads were fine. I usually park at MGH parking lot, because it's cheaper, but thought it best that I park closer due to the snow. Thank goodness I did!!! I pulled in, they valeted my car, I pull out the stroller, pack everything in, grab Lola and strap her in and off I went. Well, not exactly. My stroller had a flat tire. -_- I tried pumping it up, but the pump was broken. Now, this wouldn't have bothered me if Miss. Lola could walk, but she can't. And she weighs 30 pounds. And I had a lot of stuff. And it was snowing. I unpacked everything, consolidated as much as I could so I wouldn't have to carry my purse, then headed off to her appointment. It was a 4 minute walk, but my GAWD that was the longest 4 minutes of my LIFE! I was sweating by time I got to the waiting room!!! You'd think I'd be much skinnier seeing as how I have to carry her around all the time! :D We got checked in, I sat down and let Lola crawl/cruise all over the place so my arms could have a rest. Well, as soon as the nurse came out to get us Lola started crying. Now, just because Lola is a bit delayed in her gross motor skills does not mean she is with everything else! The kid is sharp! She remembers. When we got to the room she became more frantic. She clutched onto me like white on rice! They like to take pictures of her Hemangioma every time to mark the progress. Well that was not happening!! Poor Lola kept saying...."Momma, peas! No, Momma. Do nice me! Peas!" My heart was breaking!!! My poor child was pleading with me to help her and I couldn't. Yeah, sure I could have walked out, but it has to be done. I didn't waver, even when she kept saying "OWIE!!" over and over again. Mainly because we hadn't even started yet. She hates being held down, and we have to swaddle her or she'll punch one of us in the face. The whole thing takes 20 seconds, from the time we lay her down, swaddle her to the time the doctor starts the laser treatment. It's quick, but not really painless. You can say it feel like a light rubber band smack. Not the kind your classmates used to give you!! Those hurt. HAH! I kept saying...."I have a cookie for you when it's all over!!" What's the first thing she said when I picked her up? "COOKIE!!!!!" :) She was over it that quickly. It makes it a little easier seeing her smile. It's still tough to hold your child down and listen to them cry. It will all be worth it in the end!!!

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Carlie said...

Aw...poor little're doing a really good job though. These "I know you hate it but its good for you" things are tough but important.