January 12, 2010

A Second Opinion

Kevin took Lex to see the Opthamologist yesterday. The appointment went well, but we're not happy with his diagnosis. He said that Lex is far sighted, gave us a script for glasses, said we didn't have to get them (??????) if we didn't want to and that there is nothing they can do to correct his eyes. What?!?! First of all, if he is far sighted shouldn't he say we need to have him wear glasses and not that it's an option?! That didn't make any sense at all. And to say that his eyes can't be fixed at all, that they will just get worse?! Wonderful! He asked Kevin where he gets his glasses from and when he told him the doctor went on to bash that place. Again.....WHAT?!?!?! Kevin immediately called his Optometrist to ask him what he thought. He gave us the name of a Pediatric Opthamologist near us and we're going to take him there for a second opinion.

I went ahead and did a little research myself and found a few websites that say that "lazy eye" or "cross eyed" can be fix with what they call Visual Therapy. I found about a dozen doctors in our area who specialize in visual therapy! YAY!! We're hoping the new doctor will tell us something different and maybe be open to referring us to a specialist. We'll see.

While reading some of the stories about kids who did the visual therapy I noticed a few things that caught my eye. One woman talked about how her daughter had a hard time focusing too long on one thing, or she gave up too early saying..."I'm done. It's too hard". OMG! Lex does that all the time!!! We'll be playing a video game, reading a book, practing our ABCs or trying to build something and he just gives up! Says it's too hard. I honestly think his eyes hurt when he uses them too much. It makes me sad. :( I will push, just like I did with Lola, to get him treated. I'm not the kinda Mommy you mess with. YEAH!!

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Carlie said...

I hope you can find a good doctor who will work to be honest but also improve things for Lex. Sounds like a worthy mommy goal to me!