January 26, 2010

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

I have 3, wonderful, healthy, pain in the rear end children. To me, they are all perfect. In every way!! If one of my kids woke up tomorrow with a second head, I'd name it and continue on loving them, and their second head.  when each of my kids has developed some sort of issue I just take it in stride.

Raven......born perfectly healthy. She grew up to be a beautiful, caring child. Then one day, 4 years ago she started fainting for no apparent reason. It doesn't happen often, but it's happened 4 times and each time was a very different situation. The first time she was getting ready for school. The second time she was talking to our babysitter in the kitchen. The third time she was coming down the stairs. And the fourth time was last night after a game. Each time she feels the same way. She says she feels sick, gets really dizzy and doesn't remember anything after that until she wakes up. The balckouts only last for 5-10 seconds, but those are the longest 5-10 seconds of my life. Last night they did a complete checkup and couldn't find anything wrong with her. So on to the neurologist. Hopefully we'll get some answers.
picnikfile_Mv-u3q son. My love. My biggest fan. He was born perfect. Not a single problem with him. For three whole years our son has been.....perfect. Then one day he was talking to Daddy and said..."I see 2 of you, Daddy." and started crossing his eyes. Of course, we thought he was doing it on purpose and kept telling him to "Stop! Fix your eyes or you'll stay like that forever!". He wasn't doing it on purpose. It got worse and worse every day. Now it seems like he can control it, but both eyes wander. We took him in to have his eyes checked and we weren't happy with what the doctor said, so he's going in for his second opinion tomorrow.
picnikfile_cUo0sE sweet, sweet Lola. When Lola was born there was a Meconium, so they took her right away to make sure she didn't inhale any. Which meant I didn't get to hold her right away. As I lay there getting stitched up watching the pediatricians and nurses working on Lola all I kept thinking was....."Bring me my baby!!! NOW!". Finally I had had enough and told the nurse to hamd her over. As soon as she was placed in my arms I saw the tiny little spot on her face andknew it wasn't something "normal". No one had answers. Her pediatrician knew right away what it was because her daughter had one. It's a Compound Hemangioma. So off the to dermatoligist! The derm we took her to was just plain stupid. Sorry, but she was. She kept treating it with steriod creams that were causing ulcers, she refused to even think about laser treatment till she's five (WTF?!?!?!) and she would blow off my concerns when it would bleed. It didn't just bleed, it gushed/squirted blood. Horrible. I took matters into my own hands and found some wonderful doctors who refuse to let Lola go to school with that thing on her face. Because we all know how horrible kids can be.

To me, all my kids are perfect. I'm extremely lucky that they are happy, healthy children. The minor things I can deal with. Hell, if I was faced with something huge I'd be able to deal with that as well. I just want the difficult times to be over with. I want my children to not be looked at as slightly "different". I look forward to the day when Lola's face is as smooth and flawless as the rest of her, when Lex can read and play games without getting frustrated, and when we finally get a grip on whatever is causing Raven to faint. Until then, I'll keep on being the proud Mommy that I am. :)

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Carlie said...

Power on you fabulous Mommy! I hope you get your answers and solutions...they sure don't often come without trying.