January 27, 2010

What's For Dinner?

I have no idea. I've run out of ideas. I've been looking everywhere for new things to cook and nothing seems appealing. :/ As a matter of fact, nothing seems worth the effort. I'm a pretty good cook. I can make anything, almost. Reading Carlie's post about making her own pasta got me thinking about the "old days". The days when I lived in Germany with my ex-fiance and his family. They were from Italy, but lived in Germany, so we spent every Summer in Naples, Italy. And let me tell you.......the food was out of control. We cooked all the time. Everything from scratch, 3 meals a day, healthy and the not so healthy. Every Summer we would pluck the tomatoes, make fresh sauce and then can some for the later days. So damn good. I learned a lot from Giovanna. I make my lasagna the way she made hers. She hated ricotta and so do I, so it works out great! Lasagna without ricotta, but with alfredo sauce is so much better. So thinking about her and the food she used to make has me nostalgic and a little jaded. Nothing I make seems good enough now. I want to make some of the foods she used to make, but remembering how to make them is tricky, because she eyed everything. No written recipes, and it was over 16 years ago. O_O There was a soup she used to make that was sooooo yummy! Split pea soup with noodles. YUM! But I can't remember how to make it. I remember her meatballs, pasta sauce, alfredo sauce, pasta, cakes, bread and salad dressing recipes, but that's it. I've looked online at different recipe websites and they're all the same.......boring. If anyone has any good websites I can look at with original recipes on it, let me know. I'm stumped. I plan on heading out to the bookstore later to see what they have. If I can't find anything, then I'm making baked ziti.

Baked damn good!!

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Carlie said...

For inspiration, I like Tastespotting and Epicurious....oh...and food bloggers...

Sounds like you remember quite a lot to me! Pretty cool! Your baked ziti looks YUM.