March 4, 2010

Birthday Parties And Booze

Last weekend I went to my friends house for her daughter's 1st birthday party. It was at 11 in the morning. -_- Gawd awful time to have a party, if you ask me, but I was up and ready to go at 10 a.m.! We got there and my friend said to me..."There are mimosas, if you want??..." She already knew the answer, but just wanted to offer. There is no way I'm drinking any kind of alcohol 1.) at 11 in the morning, 2.) When I'M the one driving AND I have my kid with me. She gave me this look like..."I know, I know!!" But there was a woman there, who lived right next door, who was pounding them down one after another. Hey, I'm all for having a few drinks at home, no problem!! I love my wine!!! But it wasn't even NOON!! I knew she had had just a little too much when she started talking to Lex. She kept calling him a girl. He would look at her and say "I'm a boy. I'm Lex!" and she just didn't get it, she actually said....."You don't like being girly at ALL, do you?" and she laughed. Now, we get it all the time because of his long hair, but once we say, or he says "he's a boy" they get it. And he even dresses like a boy!! It's just that he has long hair. Finally, after like the 4th time  I said to her..."No, he really is a boy. He has a penis." -insert evil smile here to shut her up- I'm normally ok with it, but the fact that she had been drinking mimosas and we had already said that he was, in fact, a boy, set me off. As we were leaving she came running outside to apologize, over and over again and I just said..."We get it all the time. It's fine, really" What I really wanted to say was..."%&#@ OFF!" But Lex was with me and I was in a very good mood, so I just smiled and got in the car. The whole time we were walking to the car Lex was kicking snow, making shooting noises and yelling as loud as he could........all boy. It doesn't bother me that people think he's a girl because of his hair. I love his hair and so does he!! He refuses to let us cut it and you know what, I won't cut it until he is ready.

Now, this weekend is Lex's birthday party and I will not be serving wine, beer or any other kind of alcohol. But you can bet that I will be having some wine after the party, when the kids are playing quietly, or not so quietly, after dinner, while sitting on the couch recovering from the many children who will probably have wrecked my house. I just don't feel comfortable serving booze at a kid's party, I just don't. There are parents who have to drive home with kids in the car! Maybe it's because I have friends who have been in horrible car accidents where liquor was involved. I don't want to be responsible for something like that. Now, an adult party with no kids and everyone has someone sober to drive then home, then that's ok. I've had plenty of those parties before. In no way do I think badly about someone who does serve alcohol at a kid's party, my friends do it all the time, it's just not for me. I just hope everyone is responsible when they do drink, and please don't go around calling little boys little girls because you can't tell the difference thanks to mimosas. :D

3 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

that is SO weird...i hadn't even read your blog yet today when i posted the article about drunk driving!!!! o_O

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

That is weird! Drunk driving sucks so bad. An old friend of mine killed someone while driving drunk. It's so not worth it.

Carlie said...

I admit to being a bit of a child's birthday party hermit....I've only been to a token couple but, alcohol at a kiddie bash seems really strange. I mean, it is a party FOR your kid...No? Bizarre. I love your spitfire. Sounds like handled the incident perfectly. I am a wuss.