March 27, 2010

Day #16 Of Early Intervention

We're back at it again!!! Our new therapist, Patty, came by on Thursday for a meet and greet. Lola knew immediately what was going on and started her whining.  -_- But Patty took the "I'm going to ignore you so you think I don't want anything to do with you so you'll warm up to me" approach, and it totally worked. Patty and I talked about how Lola is doing, how much progress she's made and what I'd like to see her doing within the next 6 months. She was very surprised that Lola isn't walking yet because when Paula left she was so sure that Lola was almost there. But no, she's not. :( I asked her about braces and what she thought about them. She thinks it's worth looking into and gave me the name of a specialist to call and have her legs looked at. She also gave me some exercises to do with Lola. Every diaper change I am to tickle Lola's legs to try and stimulate her muscles. So far, so good! She loves that. I'm also supposed to "rough house" with her a little more. Swing her around, hold her upside down and spin her around on the sit and spin to try and trick her mind into making her legs work. Does that make sense, the way I worded it? Hope so, because that's the only way I know how to word it. HAH! It has something to do with her inner ear and brain working together. For example, if she becomes dizzy her brain tells her legs to try and stabilize her body, which means her legs have to work. Got it? Good. So there's that. Now I'm waiting on her doctor to call me back with the referral so we can have her legs looked at. I'm not going to lie, I think she needs the braces. Her legs are so floppy and her ankles seem weak to me. I can tell when she tries to walk because her feet turn in and her ankles look like they're going to snap. o_O I'll have to get a picture of it one day. We'll see what the doctor says though. :)

For now we're back to every 2 weeks with Early Intervention. I like Patty and Lola warmed up to her. She even let her tickle her. Amazing! She wouldn't let Paula anywhere near her. -_- I think she likes that Patty sings a lot. :) Lola loves to sing. So when Patty sang the goodbye song Lola was like..."WOW!!!" She loved it and tries to sing it. So damn cute. Speaking of cute......enjoy!


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Carlie said...

Aw! Love the stroller pic!

How hopeful does that new therapist sound! I like her ideas and love that she's found a way to "get in" with Lola too! Kudos! Hope it is a great sign.