March 19, 2010

Nine WHOLE Years!

Yesterday was my anniversary. Yes, that's right! Nine WHOLE years ago we were married by a Celetic Priest on the Aran Islands in Ireland. Romantic, right? It was beautiful. The best day of the whole trip, actually. That is exactly what everyone remembers about it, too, how beautiful the day was. Windy, but beautiful. We made it legal exactly a month later on April 18th. So we have TWO anniversaries and yes, we celebrate both. :) I'm not going to lie, our marriage has been anything but perfect, but we have stuck it out and tried as hard as we could to make it work. There are days when I look at him and think....."Ugh, you really get on my nerves." and he looks at me and says....."Then leave!" LOL! Those are few and far between thought lately. It's just so much easier to get along and enjoy one another, than it is to argue. And to be honest, we haven't really argued/fought in ages. It's just some days I wake up and I don't like him, or he wake up and thinks I'm a monster. :D Which, let's tell the truth, Ladies, there is one week out of the month when we are all monsters!! That week is also the week I can't stand him. That's married life for ya! BUT! We are married, and we do still love each other very much.

I said no gifts this year, but he bought me a set of crystal wine glasses, of course he did, now that I'm not drinking wine as much anymore! They're really pretty though. And they make everything taste just a little better. I drank my seltzer water out of one and it was good! I also got 2 very sweet cards and some new Chihuahua note cards from Papyrus. I love that store. I got him a new shower head and shaving mirror for the shower. Something he's always wanted. So we both broke the rules and got each other something. He just never listens. HAH! :D

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Carlie said...

By a priest on the Aran Islands? Wow. That's extremely romantic. Now I want to go there just to experience it!

Congratulations on hitting 8 years. We're going to celebrate 8 in June. Hope you have years and years more together and that things continue to get richer and more natural every round. We aspire!

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Thanks, Carlie!! :)

Moooooog35 said...

He wanted a new shower head?

And no one is teasing him about this why?

Mom, Wife, Nina said...