June 23, 2010

I Am Officially The Mom Of A High Schooler

My gawd. When did that happen?! Seems like yesterday I was sitting in the hospital room holding a tiny baby and wondering..."What do I do now?!" Now, she's all grown up and moving on to high school. -insertgroaninghere- I hope and pray that the next school year goes by smoothly. For her getting her foot in the door without someone smashing it to pieces, means a lot. She is so afraid that people will hate her, people will be mean to her and that is stressing her out more than anything else. Being a Freshman is not as bad as people and movies make it out to be. Seriously, it isn't, but trying to tell that to a hormonal 14 year old girl, is. -_- Why can't they just realize that we Moms are always right?!?!?

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