June 21, 2010

Dear Eva.......

I have never met you, but my heart breaks thinking of the troubles you have, and will continue to go through in your life. Being born "normal" is taken for granted by many. But everyday someone is born with an illness, a disorder, a diseases that medicine just can not cure. Eva Tiede is a 2 year old little girl from Kaukauna, WI, in desperate need of a service dog. Eva has a disorder that causes her to stop breathing at any time, without warning.

Eva had a wonderful dog, Tessa, trained to alert her parents when Eva stopped breathing, and saved her life on more than one occasion. Sadly, Tessa had a tumor the size of a soccer ball and had to be put to sleep three weeks ago.

The waiting list is usually 2-3 years long to get another dog. Miraculously, a dog was found for Eva in Canada. "Livia" has been flown into WI and is ready for her. The family will meet Livia next week. Eva's family is in desperate need of help to raise the money needed to pay for the service dog Eva needs to save her precious little life. THE MONEY IS DUE BY MID JULY OR ELSE LIVIA GOES TO THE NEXT FAMILY ON THE WAITING LIST. $3,600 has been saved by Eva's family. $5,000 is still needed to bring Livia home to Eva. Please find it in your heart to help out in any way you can. Be it by donating or just by spreading the word.

I was just informed that there is a miracle in the making.....


Amanda Tiede (Eva's mom) contacted me and said "update the blogsite" and went on to tell me she has been given an enormous donation today from an old friend.

Team Eva now sits at $4,500 towards their goal of $5,000!!!

It's a miracle in the making. We are in the home stretch to bringing home Livia for little Eva.

We're almost there!"

I know that times are tough, but if you could spread the word then maybe we could raise enough money for Eva to get her new service dog. Wouldn't that be great?!?!?!? Here is how you can donate...


Click below to be taken to PayPal's 'Send Money' link:

Use the following email address to start the Donation process:

Thank you for giving,

Team Eva :)

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