June 14, 2010

Who Knew Paper Towels Could Be So Inspiring?!

"You Can Bury A Lot Of Troubles Digging In The Dirt"

That is a quote from a roll of Bounty paper towels in my kitchen and boy is that true!  I've been going through a lot of troubles lately, my teenager, marriage, no time for myself, too much to do and no time to do it, money issues....crap like that. How do I deal? I head outdoors with the kids and I do some gardening while they play. Housework schmousework!! It can wait. Although it was crappy yesterday, so we were indoors and the cleaning is now DONE! Anyway! I've been using my yard and gardens as therapy. It gives me time to think, clear my head and get a new perspective on everything that's been going on. It's working, too. Then last night I was getting paper towels for dinner and written on mine was that quote. How appropriate! I loved it and went in search of who it came from. "Author Unknown". Well now I'm going to use it because it fits my life so well at the moment.

What marriage problems? Glad you asked!!! My husband has once again murdered our lawn. I say "once again" because this is the THIRD time. Anyway. He killed all the grass. Why and how? Why: he didn't like the "weeds". How: he bought fertilizer with added weed killer in it. If he had taken the time to read the instructions he would have seen the list of grass you are not supposed to use it on and then had he taken the time to find out what type of grass we had he would have known that he wasn't supposed to use it on our lawn. ((sigh)) So my time has been spent raking, pulling up dead grass, watering, putting down more grass seeds and crying. It's an emotional thing for me! I am seeing new green, so it's all good!

Teenagers. Are. Insane. That's all I have to say about my kid. She has lost her mind. In the midst of getting everything together for the end of school year concerts, dances and middle school graduation my daughter has informed me that she is depressed and has started to lose her hair again. She loses her hair when she stresses out. It has been so bad in the past that we've had to get medicine for it, so we'll be getting her more to keep it from getting too bad. And we've also started her back in therapy. She needs it. She's come to realize that her "adult life" is beginning and it's scaring her. She doesn't want to go to high school, she doesn't want to meet new people and she doesn't want to grow up. Sorry, kiddo! That's life and she has to learn to deal. Period. We'll make it through.

My Lo turned 2 last week. I wanted to do something special for her since we weren't having a party, because she doesn't like a lot of people near her -_-, so I set out to make a rainbow cake! I first saw this gorgeous cake over at a while ago and knew it's be perfect for Lola's cake! Lo's birthday was last Tuesday the 8th. I got myself up bright and early, showered, cleaned and got everything prepped so all I'd have to do is make the cake after breakfast while the kids played. It did not work out so smoothly. Lola woke up in a horrible mood and most of the day was spent listening to her cry about this or that. It was nerve wracking. All I wanted to do was run away! But, I didn't. I made the cake, cooked a huge dinner and we all sat down as a family, plus 1; Raven's boyfriend, and we sang "Happy Birthday" and then we ate cake. Done. That was it! That was stressful enough. Have you ever tried getting something done while listening to a 2 year old scream and cry all. day. long?!?! Not fun. Blah! Oh, and I'm changing my name from "MOMMA" to something the kids can't pronounce. It's kind of annoying listening to them yell "MOMMA!!!! MOMMMA!! MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" over and over again. x_x Anyway. Here's the cake......

And here's Lola devouring the cake.......

HAHAHAHAAAA!!!! She's lucky she's so darn cute. -_-

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Carlie said...

So sorry for all the stress lately! I hope your grass comes in beautifully. I know it was horribly frustrating but, I think its kind of cute that Kevin cares about your yard and garden and wanted to make it look nice. A could care less.

Hope Raven can let go gracefully and learn to enjoy being older and wiser and taller. I was scared to grow up too but, I ADORE being a grown-up and wouldn't go back to childhood for the world.

And THAT cake! Wow! I wanted to make one of these rainbow cakes for Ru for his birthday in April but, I just wasn't motivated enough. You did a top notch job. Am inspired! We'll have to have one at our house sometime.