June 15, 2010

Early Intervention.......The Breakup!

Lola had her Early Intervention assessment last week and I was dreading it! I didn't want to continue on with the program, but I felt bad because Patty said she wanted to see Lola through until the braces came off. But she's walking now. Almost full-time! She has come so, so far!! After the assessment was over she scored above average in everything except walking/running/stairs, she's in a 26-30 month level except those areas. So why continue? What else could they teach her? Nothing, really. We picked up her braces on Friday and she hated them, but she wore them and did ok with them. We had to take them off because they were bruising the backs of her thighs, they'll be fixed on Friday. The only issue now with Lola is that her feet turn in. It's fixable and we're fixing it. SO!!!!!! After the assessment they said that her score was just 2 points below, which means she's still elligiable for Early Intervention. It was only 2 points though. Come on!! But Patty was looking at me with those eyes and saying what a pleasure Lola is and how she's like to see it through and I was jut very honest with her. I said..."Look, Lady. We're done. Get out!" NO, I didn't!!! LOL!!!! I was polite and told her how I felt. My exact words were.."I feel like Lola has come so far thanks to you and Paul and all your help. She wouldn't be where she is today if it weren't for you guys and we're so grateful. But.....I feel like she is done. I think once the braces have straightened out her ankles she'll be set." WELL!!! Patty wants me to take a month off, think about it, see how she does with the braces and if she is doing well then Lola will be a graduate. But if she isn't doing well with the braces she would like to see her one more time to see if there is anything she may be able to help with. FAIL!!!! Breakup FAIL!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!! I totally sucked at it. :D But for now, we're done. She's walking better and better everyday, she's smart, funny and in my eyes....she's perfect. get those braces on and off so we can move ON! I'll leave you with some cuteness..........

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Moooooog35 said...

Both my kids are both pigeon-toed.

The only reason we haven't had it corrected is because they have such good grip it saves us a TON on having the gutters cleaned.