June 18, 2010

I Wanna Shake It Like Shakira!!

Yes I do!!! I've decided to take a belly dancing class. :D There is one starting in the Fall, it's a 6 week program with the option to move onto the advanced class. Love it! I've been wanting to take some kind of dance class for years, but I never found one that peaked my interest. Then I get one of those "Adult Night Class" brochure thingies in the mail and there it was.....BOOM! Belly dancing. :) It's a great form of exercise, and I can try and look good doing it. LOL!! I doubt I'll look this good doing it, but hey, a girl can dream...

Of course, the husband is all excited about it, but I had to tell him that it is not for him, it's for me. I'm looking for a different kind of workout to get myself back into shape. I'm doing "ok" with Operations Get Sexy, but adding some dance to it can't hurt. I just can't go to the gym. I can't. Won't. Too much money, not enough time and to be honest, the last few times I went to the gym I got hit on so much I just left. It's so stupid. SO! I'm hoping to at least be able to shake it like she does, even if I can't look like she does. LOL!! By the way, my husband loves her. He would leave me for her if she wanted him to. Not that that's ever gonna happen. HAH!

1 thoughts:

Carlie said...

I like Shakira. A lot.

Belly dancing sounds like a lot of fun! You're made for it! Hope its splendid.