October 5, 2009

Days #10 & #11 Of Early Intervention

I completely forgot to update about last weeks Early Intervention so I'll combine the two in one post. :)

Last week went very well!! Lola was in a great mood, played with Paula, did a few new things in front of Paula so she doesn't think I'm a crazy Mom anymore. HAH! I am, but we won't tell her that! Paula had her try to pull up on the couch, but Lo's legs are so wobbly she has a hard time standing and keeping her balance. But I showed Paula the video of her pulling up in the playpen so she knows she can do it! She showed me how to keep her legs together when she kneels so as to not put pressure on her ligaments. That's hard to do because she is so flexible!! Paula was also very excited about the play time she got in with Lo. She's not used to that because Lola would never let her touch her before!! :) So yeah, all in all a very great session!!!

Today was about the same, except that Lola pulled up much higher onto the couch and stood there!! Paula wants her to be more secure in her pulling and standing up before we move on to a walker toy. You know, one of those push toys that helps kids with their walking skills. We even talked about getting her a vest that helps with support because Lola is very wobbly!! She thinks the vest will help with that. Last week she had tried to get Lola to play with a one of her learning toys, a wooden peg set. She tried to get her to put the pegs back in the holes, Lola couldn't do it. This week she crawled over to Paula's bag, took out that toy and proceeded to take all the pegs out and then put them right back in!! We were very impressed! It was like she was saying....."See? I CAN do it!!". :) Another GREAT session today!! :)

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