October 5, 2009

My "OTHER" Blog

I have another blog, one that I really wanted to keep as my "real" blog, but decided to move here. It's a shame because I have a lot of really great topics over there. One of my favorite topics was "Mommy Movie Moment". You can read it here.....


My husband and I go to the movies A LOT and I love to blog about it!! Especially when I see a great  movie, I just have to tell everyone about it.

Another great topic is "Raising A Teenager, A Toddler & A Baby". There a quite a few of those. Here are a few......

Thank YOU Miley Cyrus
Our 13 Year Old Daughter
Parenting A Teenager, A Toddler & A Baby

So yeah, lots of great stuff there!! I'm torn. Should I stay or should I go? I dunno!!

2 thoughts:

HD said...

Could you just transfer the other stuff over? One a day, or every other day?

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

I wish I had the time!! I did try to move it over by importing my other blog, but my GAWD it took forever and didn't work. Must be too much. :( I'll try and do that, move one at a time. :)