October 15, 2009

What To Do, What To Do?!?!

I've been thinking about the H1N1 vaccine a lot lately, mainly because our Pedi said that we could bring the kids in next month for their first round of shots, if we were going to be getting them. I have thought about it and read as much about it as I can and I really don't think we'll be getting the 2 youngest the H1N1 vaccine. Why? Well, for one thing, neither of them are in school or daycare. Another reason being that well, I just don't feel like it's necessary. I'll load the kids up on vitamins, keep them away from places like McD's playland as much as possible, carry around loads of antibacterial gel, clean more than I already do and make sure my oldest keeps her sick friends AWAY! Raven wants to get the shot, and I agree that she should. She's in middle school and we all know what goes on there. No matter how many times we try to tell them to NOT share drinks, food or makeup, they always do. Some teenagers are just plain gross and don't wash their hands enough and don't cover their mouths. So we think Raven will be getting one. Another reason I'm not getting the 2 youngest vaccinated is because 3 of my husband's co-workers had the swine flu, people he works closely with, and he was just fine. So how contagious can it be if he's sitting in the same room with someone who has the swine flu but doesn't get sick himself? It's all about taking care of yourself, hygiene and trying to stay healthy! I can't even begin to tell you how often we tell Raven to remember not to share drinks, wash your hands and no kissing'll get the swine flu. LOL!! I doubt that last one worked, but hey, we tried. :) We have already gotten them their seasonal flu shot. They've all done fine with them over the years, so I saw no reason not to do it again this year. I know they're saying that the swine flu vaccine is the exact same formula as the seasonal flu vaccine, but sorry, I just don't trust it. One of the reasons I started getting the flu shot for Raven is because she caught the flu when she was 8 and I really thought she was going to end up in the hospital. It was  really bad. I had to wake her up to make her drink and had to carry her to the bathroom because she couldn't walk, all she did was sleep all day and all night for 4 days straight. It was scary. From that day on I said...."FLU SHOT!!" And she hasn't been sick since. A cold here or there or a chest cold, but nothing like what she went through then.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little scared of the vaccine because it's so new. Hell! I'm scared of ALL vaccines! Every time I take my children in for a shot I'm scared to death that something bad will happen. So why do I get them? Because these vaccines like Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and so on, have been around for quite a while now and have obviously been tested. Our clinic doesn't use the vaccines with mercury in them, I did ask. :) We've been lucky that our kids haven't had problems with them. I guess it's the old...."I got them as a kid and I'm fine, so I'll be getting my kids vaccinated as well" type thing. I have nothing against them. I don't think that they're fine for everyone, so if a Mother says she doesn't want her kids to get vaccinated, then that's more than fine. Someone shouldn't be ridiculed for their choices, or called ignorant. They are, after all, THE MOMS!! I think they know what's best for their kids.

So no swine flu shots for our little ones. Raven will be getting one even though I explained that it doesn't guarantee that she won't get sick and that it's a new vaccine that hasn't been tested throughly enough for my tastes, but I respect her wishes and she has some valid points on why she should get one, so she'll get one! I'm going to make her talk to our doctor about it first, let him tell her his thoughts on it. He's a great guy and I trust his opinion. I will be updating after that visit!!

Right now we're off to Target to do some much needed shopping!! :)

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Stacy said...

We won't be getting the swine flu shot either.