October 12, 2009

Halloween Decorating, But No Apple Picking

This weekend was supposed to be our annual family apple picking weekend. Saturday we were going to go apple picking, Sunday I was going to bake all day and the MAN and the kids were going to decorate. Rain had other ideas for Saturday and the MAN got a call saying that he had some extra work ready for him for extra money but it had to be done before Monday morning. -_- I was so disappointed!! This means that we'll have to go without him next weekend. Why without him? Well, because the MAN puts together a pretty big horror convention here in town every year for the past 5 years. At first it was great. We only had Raven and loads of time and money to devote to putting that thing together, he would have to be out of town 5-6 times a year then gone all that weekend, and most times Raven and I would be with him. It used to be fun! Then came Lex. Less money, less time. He wasn't gone as much, which was great, but I rarely went with him. Actually, I never went! I was home with BOTH the kids. So he manned up and only went away 3-4 times a year promoting his convention. Big step! Then came Lola. He only goes away ONCE a year now, maybe twice and he takes Lex and Raven with him. HUGE step! I love it. But that means that our weekends are limited as to when we can do our family apple picking weekend. Seems like it's either been raining or he's had work. Work, work, work!! I told him to cut back this month because we're so busy, but he's become addicted to working more and more for more and more money. Guess I can't blame him. Christmas is right around the corner and even though we already started shopping we still have a lot to buy. HELL! The teenager is gonna cost us an arm and a leg! o_O She just wants a Visa card with money on it, but I can't just get her that! There are things I want to buy her. So when he says he needs to work, I bite my tongue and smile.

Yesterday the kids and I decorated the house for Halloween. Lex had fun! He kept saying..."Now let's DECORATE!!" LOL!! Speaking of Lex, I'm pretty sure he's night time potty trained as well. We put pull-ups on him at bedtime but it's been dry every morning so far. He wakes up and goes straight to the potty. YAY!!! So much cheaper. LOL!!! Hope I didn't just jinx that!! O_O

Lots to do this week. Nothing today, but the rest of the week is filled. Work tomorrow, haircut Wednesday,shopping/cleaning/picking my Mom up/packing our weekend bags Thursday, Friday we'll be helping the MAN and doing lots of swimming at the hotel pool. Lola will be here with my Mom, Lex, Raven and I will be staying with the MAN at the hotel and then apple picking Saturday. -_- I hate it when my schedule is full! Can't wait for next week!

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hiya. I made one of these too! lol