October 8, 2009

Lola's 1st Laser Treatment

Let me just say that driving into Boston is a pain in the ass. I hate it. -_- Especially with TWO kids in the back either crying, screaming for no reason or kicking my seat. ((sigh)) Whatrugunnado? Anyway! We were almost late because I had to stop at the grocery store next to the MAN's  work to buy diapers and teething tablets. Let me tell you......carrying a 28 pound baby, making sure a 3 1/2 year old doesn't run in front of a car and trying to go as fast as you can is seriously a workout!! We ran in, found what we needed and were about to go checkout when Lex throws the diapers down and yells..."I GOTTA PEE!! NOW!!!!!" OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!! We ran down 2 isles and found someone that worked there and he said..."It's ALLLLL the way at the other end of the store. Sorry." -_- Off we RAN!!!! As I was running down the isle the guy yells to me..."HEY! YOUR BABY LOST A SOCK! DID YOU KNOW THAT?!?" -_- No, but thanks. We FINALLY get to the bathroom, I throw Lola on top of a pile of paper towels and help Lex pee. Yes, he made it! :D WOOHOO!!! Can I just say that my arms are fucking killing me? Totally worth it though because he made it!! So proud of him. We finally get out, pick the MAN up and rush to Lola's appointment. The MAN drops us off in front, I grab Lola and made a mad dash for the office. We actually made it there 1 minute early. WHEW! Did I mention that my arms are killing me? Yeah, practically shaking from over exertion. LOL!!!

We got signed in, sat down and only waited about 4 minutes, then they called Miss. Lolita to the back and boy did she ever know what was going on! She clung to me like white on rice. Poor baby. Did I mention that my arms are killing me? Lots of pictures, more paperwork all the while I'm holding Lola and she is saying "BYE BYE!", waving and blowing kisses hoping that they'd just leave. LOL!!!!!!! We finally made it to the actual laser room, they swaddled her and within 30 seconds it was over. Now, the laser it's self probably didn't hurt as much as us having to swaddle her and hold her down. She was PISSED! As soon as we were done and I was able to pick her up she was fine. -_- My arms are killing me!!!!!! Her doctor asked if I would mind if she documented Lola's progress with video. Fine by me. She'll be using it during her medical seminars. :D We have 5 more appointments to go and it should look much better. I'm very excited!!

After the appointment we took the kids to au bon pain for some lunch. Lola and I shared the BEST turkey sandwich, Lex had a scone and some orange mango juice and the MAN had a yummy pastry. Lola was all smiles the entire time. :) So yeah, all in all it was a great day.

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