October 5, 2009

Potty Training IS My Friend!!

Lex is officially potty trained!! Totally potty trained!! Well, except at night. He needs a diaper at night. We're going to work on that next month after he's used to using the potty on his own. As of right now we need to prompt him to go and every now and then he'll tell us himself that he has to pee. He even uses the public restroom!! We are so very proud!! He has only had one accident in 2 weeks and he wakes me up in the morning when he has to pee. :) So yeah.......uber proud and VERY happy!! We're going to be buying him night time pullups and more undies. He loves the Spongebob undies I bought him!!! We'll need more of them!!! :)'s Lola's turn!!! First walking, which she's working on and as soon as she's walking I'm plopping her bum on the potty!! LOL!! I want to be DONE with diapers within a year. My gawd.....what will I do with all that money?!?! I'll buy BOOKS and WINE and we'll be able to afford another DOG!! YES!!! I'm extremely happy and look forward to that day. There is one more thing I need to get husband needs to get neutered. AND SOON!!! -_- I don't want a "darling little accident" running around here and ruining my chances of getting another dog!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts:

HD said...

You could do what my parents did for me...line the bed in plastic. Ugh, I never look at plastic covered furniture without bad flashbacks!

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Yeah, we'll end up doing that. Poor kid! LOL!!