October 20, 2009

My Kid Is Like That Frog.......

You know, the one in the old WB cartoons. The one that would dance and sing for one guy but when the man tried to show him off he wouldn't do a damn thing. Yeah.....that's Lola. We've been working with Early Intervention for a while now and Lola has made a lot of progress, but she never does anything in front of Paula. NEVER!! She waits till Paula leaves and then she crawls around, pulls up on things and talks up a storm. -_- The other day when Paula was here I was late, so my Mom sat in for 10 minutes. Guess what? Lola did great She talked to Paula, she played with Paula, she acted normal! The minute I walked in she started crying. -_- Then she refused to do anything. Great. So Paula and I are thinking that maybe we should let Dad sit in on a session to see how she does. She thinks it's me. ((sigh)) I'm all for her being a Mommy's girl, but DAMN!!!! So this Thursday I will take Lex out and Let the MAN do all the work. :) Hopefully Lola will do better. Hopefully. O_O

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♥ Meagan said...

Isn't that always the way??? I'm curious to see how she acts around Kevin! Looking forward to that update!